About the GWPC Puppy List

The GWPC Puppy List is open for all to advertise their litter of German Wirehaired Pointer puppies.

In 2010 the GWPC Committee changed the format by which GWP litters are advertised and introduced a set of ‘advertising levels’.

In August 2011 the GWPC Committee again reviewed these advertising levels in order to ensure that litters are consistent with the level of commitment that the GWPC is making to health.

Advertising Levels

The puppy list is now being opened up to advertising for both members and non-members. However, only litters where both the sire and dam have been health tested will be eligible to advertise. This is a “security check” which would ensure us working with the tested and healthy dogs. In case your dog is not 100% healthy, we offer the treatment programs as we want to keep this breed in the positive shape and increased growth.

Requirements – Sire and Dam have been bred in accordance with Club guidelines and both to have had the following health tests:

  • DNA tested clear of von Willebrands Disease or DNA clear by parentage
  • Hip Scored under the KC/BVA scheme or a recognised foreign scheme.
  • Advertising on this list is free of charge for members or £25 for non members.

If there is something that you do not understand clearly, of would like to learn more about the procedures and advertising, feel free to contact us at any time you want. We will appoint someone to take you through the whole procedure so you could understand everything. Below is the official statement of our club that all members must follow!

“The GWP Club actively promotes ethical practice and clear guidelines to its members and prospective GWP owners.  Please read the full Code of Ethics and Guidelines.  The health testing of breeding stock for known conditions is encouraged.  These should include as a minimum DNA tests for von Willebrands disease (vWD) and Hip x-rays and scoring under the BVA/Kennel Club scheme.   Breeders advertising on this Puppy List are asked to state the results of these tests on the Sire and Dam of the litter so that prospective owners can make an informed homing decision in consultation with the breeders concerned”