Epilepsy Statement

Epilepsy in the German Wirehaired Pointer

Like all animals and dogs, the GWPs can experience the severe cases of epilepsy and thus these require a special treatment program. Of course, they are still highly functional dogs that can perform various actions and tasks, their health condition must be taken into consideration. Sadly cases of epilepsy are being reported in German Wirehaired Pointers. We as a committee are working very hard in trying to establish exactly how this is impacting on our breed.

Please remember that epilepsy is a complex condition. Not all dogs that experience seizures necessarily have epilepsy – its causes are varied and can include environmental factors. However in some cases of epilepsy there does appear to be a familial link. This does not mean literally that the puppies will inherit the illness, but there is a high-level risk associated with it.

In order to help our hairy friends, we must perform a small research and data collection. To address this awful condition we are:

Collecting data on reported cases of seizures and dogs with a diagnosis of epilepsy – please see the link to our health survey on the club website www.gwpclub.co.uk

Working closely with the epilepsy research project at the Animal Health Trust to establish an inheritance mode – but as yet we are someway off being able to confirm any such pattern.

Before we can confirm the known origins of the familial epilepsy in the breed we need verification from a genetics and/or epilepsy expert – we hope to be doing that very soon.

Note that this a serious condition and a dog that suffers from it must be recorded just for the records and the evidence.