Service Dogs

Since these dogs are very smart, it is natural to expect that they can be used for the certain actions and purposes, not only for hunting or falconry. GWPs are generally very biddable dogs and usually make excellent pets. However the natural instincts for hunting, superb nose and devotion to their handler enables GWPs to be trained to a variety of uses in the service of society. These services may vary, depending on the current needs of the society.

GWPs have been used in several main roles in this way; as Pet’s As Therapy (PAT) Dogs, hearing dogs for the deaf and as Police and Army Drug/Explosive Search Dogs. They have showed the outstanding results in Police and Army purposes, as their super-sensitive noses can detect even the small amounts of drugs, explosive or weapons. During the “recruitment” it is easy to spot what kind of action the dog is the best for. Therefore, we always stress out the importance on giving the dog freedom in searching and working.