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Fun Facts About The German Wirehaired Pointers You Did Not Know

The German Wirehaired Pointers are the breed of dog that is one of the most favorite, especially in sporting competitions. It is a medium-large sized type of dog’s breed that originated from Germany in the middle of the 19th century. They are really energetic, fast, agile and simply love to hunt a pray as this is their natural habit! The GWPs are types of dogs that simply do not like living indoor, so they are best for houses and huge properties. In this article, we will give you some surprising facts you did not know about these little friends!

A high level of intelligence

Although look goofy since they run all the time and jump, these dogs are actually really smart. Their nature lays in curiosity, exploring and running, and therefore, they do not like to be static. They simply seek for the task or assignment, as they cannot rest idle and do nothing. The level of intelligence can be compared to the German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois or Doberman so if you consider getting one of those just to stay in your living room, forget about it. You must give them tasks and some kind of job – it can be as simple as getting the newspaper from the sidewalk to your doorway!

The coat is literally weather-resistant

Yes, they are weather-resistant! For this reason, the old Germans used this dog for the hunting and cutting through the dense forests of Bavaria during the cold and rainy seasons. The water-repellent skin protects them from water, snow and mud, keeping the cold way outside of their bodies. Also, the hair so dense that no bush can penetrate through it! These can swim efficiently without getting cold as the dense hair, and water-resistant skin simply rejects the particles of water and keep them outside.

The GWPs are well-versatile

Although used for sports competitions, these can be excellent dogs in almost any discipline. The hunt is their primary job since the beginning, but they can perform in searching and saving expeditions. Their strong sense for smell allows them to find hidden drugs, deep inside the oily tanks easily, or even smelling the people under the heavy snow and blizzard. While being the loving and caring companions, they can be trained for almost any task you could need, making them well-versatile!

Highly devoted to people

Yes, they do like people and their owners, especially who take good care of them! Since they were accustomed to people from their beginning, the GWPs like to be around children and take good care of them. Once they are raised in the family, they form a strong bond with them. Their devotion is seen in the play as well as cuddling with the owners whenever they have time for it. They simply like to spend time with people, especially if they get assigned something to do. That can be even a simple catch-and-bring activity, just to spend their unlimited amounts of energy!