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GWP Rescue

The GWPC Rescue is run solely by volunteers and relies on donations to help GWPs. Thanks to many donations from all around the world, we managed to succeed in the very beginning. If there was no donations, we would not have existed ever!

The National Rescue Co-ordinator is Jay Boden and you should contact her in the first instance regarding rescuing a GWP unless otherwise stated. She is the charge of the rescuing process and can help you with everything you need!

German Wirehaired Pointer Club Rescue & Re-homing (GWPC Rescue) is the only official Kennel Club-recognised Rescue & Rehoming organisation for the German Wirehaired Pointer.

We deal with true rescues and abandonments along with those dogs which are required to be re-homed for personal reasons. Please bear in mind that each of the dogs we feature is genuinely in need of a new home. For that reason, we would like to point out also that we would like to give a dog to someone who has a house and a big yard/garden!

Many breeders of German Wirehaired Pointers and stud dog owners are members of the GWP Club, and as such have an obligation to assist with the re-homing of any dog that they have produced.  GWP Club Rescue likewise has an obligation to notify member breeders and stud dog owners if one of their dogs needs to be rescued/re-homed.

We are in need of foster homes for rescue GWPs expected in the future. If you want to be considered as a prospective foster home then please contact Jay Boden. She can give you all the necessary information and instructions regarding the rescue procedure!

GWP Club Members interested in the operation of the Rescue & Rehoming Service can obtain a copy of the Rescue & Rehoming Coordinator’s operating guidelines on request from the Club Secretary.

The German Wirehaired Pointer Club Rescue and Rehoming (GWPC Rescue) is the only official Kennel Club recognised Rescue and Rehoming organisation for the German Wirehaired Pointer.