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In the UK the German Wirehaired Pointer is judged to its own UK Kennel Club breed standard.

The breed standard is a guideline for judges and describes what the ideal wirehair should be like. It describes the correct structural conformation of the dog and the individual traits and characteristics of the dog that give the breed type and prevent it from being mistaken for any other breed of dog.

Many GWPs are shown in the UK and there are many events around the country at which the breed can be seen. Each event hosts some international visitors and clubs who breed voluntarily this breed, so if you want to be a part of the event, just let us know. We can organize your staying, accommodation, food and everything you need for your hairy friends!

Making-up a Show Champion and Full Champion

There are a number of titles which can be obtained by a GWP, two of which are Show Champion (denoted by Sh Ch before their kennel name) or Full Champion (Ch).

The title of Show Champion is obtained by a show dog or bitch following the winning in the show ring of three Challenge Certificate’s (or CC’s) which have to be awarded by three different judges. At certain Championships dog shows throughout the year Challenge Certificates are available – two Challenge Certificates per breed, one to the top winning dog in a particular breed on the day and another to the top winning bitch and then the overall winner in the breed (top winning dog against top winning bitch) goes on to be awarded Best of Breed. A puppy that wins three Challenge Certificates under the age of twelve months must win a fourth CC after its first birthday before claiming it’s Show Championship title.

On obtaining three CC’s under different judges, dogs in some breeds automatically become Champions, however as a gundog the German Wirehaired Pointer on obtaining it’s Show Championship title may go on to become a Full Champion by proving it’s worth in the field as well as the show ring. This can be done in two ways: by obtaining an award (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or Certificate of Merit) at an HPR  Field Trial  or by being awarded a Show Gundog Working Certificate (SGWC) during which a dog/bitch has to prove its ability to hunt, point and retrieve game. The opportunity to run for a SGWC is usually only available to dogs/bitches that have already achieved at least one CC.

If these things are bit confusing to you, just contact us and we will send you the detailed information in the form of leaflet that explains everything. Also, if you need any additional information about the conditions and regulations, do not hesitate to contact us!

It is the ability to achieve awards in the show ring and field that make the GWP a ‘dual purpose’ breed.

To date of writing there has been 96 GWP Titleholders in the UK since the Kennel Club formally recognized the breed, and of these, 19 are Full Champions.