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Working Trials

Very few GWPs compete in Working Trials in the UK, however the ones that have competed have been very successful.  In fact the breed has 2 Working Trial Champions in the UK and many more GWPs how have earned Working Trial Certificates.

In Working Trials, it is the control and agility of the dogs that is being tested, the nosework exercises involve the scent of humans rather than the scent of game. In general a Working Trial dog dog must be trained to pick up any article that has human scent on it. This is done through a various exercises where we use the human scent on different things to make these dog learn to recognize the smell/trait.

Each dog has its own progression line where we can monitor its progress and see how far it came. The level of progression through Working Trials depends on the amount of success the dog has achieved. The primary aim is to obtain 70% of marks in each group of exercises  carried out followed by at least 80% of the marks available in the stake.  Certificates of Merit are awarded to dogs that achieve this mark at an Open Working Trial.  If the mark is achieved at a Championship Trial the dog may add the qualification to its registered name.

When speaking about the roles of a dog, you should know that there are some basic steps that is must pass. There are five levels and after the completion of each one, the dog progresses to the next one. There are a number of stakes that the dog is tested in and as each dog reaches the required standard in the stake it may move up to the next one. These stakes being:

Companion Dog

Utility Dog

Working Dog

Tracking Dog

Patrol Dog.

The ultimate level is the patrol dog and these dogs are used in the patrolling for various purposes!